Friday, 15 April 2016


Above a drawing from a little while ago it just caught my eye as I was looking through a whole finished book and so here it is. I like it, it war drawn using letraset pro markers, berol wather colour pens and a uni pin fine liner.

Above a random experiment that I was quite happy with, it was me thinking things through if I remember rightly.

Finished/unfinished? I like the minimalism of this one but I am not sure whether I have done enough to it yet or if I can resist the temptation to draw on it more. Time will tell....

Mixed bag of a day today, it started with an 11 O'clock guitar lesson that went very well teacher and student seemed happy. I then sorted some fired pottery out with Michaela Wrigley and returned some unfired stuff to be fired next.

More drawing to do later......

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