Tuesday, 19 April 2016

UYS Gallery, other blog readers and sea pottery

Above is a small intervention I made in the UYS Gallery while I was manning it today, some of these have been part of an art drop today and two I left in the gallery for Melanie to find. All these 'finds' were found after I went and opened up Barnoon Workshop for our Pot Throwing session today that was taken by Angela Roberts our pot thrower and half of the RAAR Emporium in the Drill Hall Stives.
Below is the area where I found the sea pottery on the way to opening up the gallery. It was a beautiful morning and already warm.

I got to the gallery at 10:45 and opened up, managed to get some nice music on and had a quick coffee before I started drawing. At lunch time my wife Zoe came in with lunch and we did some planning for the next set of events at Barnoon as my wife left a fellow St Ives blogger Rob Donovan popped in for a chat, which turned out to be very affable mentioning such topics as our previous teaching experiences, music and a lot about St Ives and life. I had never met Rob before but that didn't seem to get in the way of our conversation, nice fella.

A little while after Rob had left our old friend Lauren Sebastian popped in for a chat too, she had just been into town to get some prints done, they looked pretty good. Lauren also had the opportunity to look at mine and my wife's work in the gallery and was really interested in all the pieces we had there.

I then had to shut the gallery up and got up to Barnoon to give a guitar lesson then back down town for shopping then home to eat a lovely curry that had been cooked and later I am off out to de-rig a trapeze for Sky High Arts at the Island center.... blimey, sounds like a full day to me. What do artist's do all day?


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