Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Slate drawing finished and another started.

Above is a new new slate drawing I completed last night. I was half watching television as I drew and I was glad I was i a sort of Zen state as all the days news came flooding in. What an idiot that Jeremy Hunt is and I would discuss this more except I am livid about it and then was distracted by the eventual Hillsborough verdict. 27 years it has taken to get this and a good thing it is to but blimey I feel sorry for all the families of the 96, what a toll it must have taken on them all. The Sun newspaper and Kelvin Mackenzie deserve all they get for some seriously bad coverage at the time but on top of that seeing the press statement, 'seriously hoping that no one from the Sun was in attendance'.

Above is the next slate drawing and should hopefully keep me calm in the stressful days.

This morning I have been up to the workshop and then I have been hot desking in town with Carl and Kate the BID people. They have been giving me a little space to help with kick starting an arts festival in this town. More about that at a later date as we have a little meeting tonight.

Cheers everyone.

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