Thursday, 31 March 2016

Todays artistic day..

Todays artist day began with opening up Barnoon Workshop for the 'Sculpture In A Day' course. I would have had photos but my phone had run out of power and I forgot to take my charger with me. Pictures later.....

We had lunch at Porthmeor Beach, a nice treat in the sunshine, a little bit chilly but gave us all a break from our sculptures. The day finished at 5pm and then I went on to give a guitar lesson as I do most Thursdays. I a while it is on to the St Ives Quiz league.

Below are three grid drawings I did last year. I will post the things I have been working on this week in the various stages, probably tomorrow.

Since sitting down to write todays blog entry I have found out not only has Ronnie Corbett the comedian died but also the extraordinary architect Zaha Hadid. Two big figures in my life for many reasons, one as the omni present comedy figure and the other a most forward thinking visionary not long since I heard her on Desert Island Discs. Interesting person but with a bit of rubbish music taste. RIP.

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