Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Little art drops started ...

Throughout last year I was leaving quite a lot of these drawn on stones and Sea pottery pieces around town and even out of St Ives. Today I left these for people to just pick up. They are all signed and there will be more on the way. I used to post them up on facebook. I am starting to only put them up here for a while so if there any blog readers in the St Ives area you might be able to work out some of the locations.

I have not exactly hidden them but sometimes it amazing how many people do not spot them although Tate St Ives staff seem to have a good eye for them and even the director has found at least one.

I will pass these spots later and see if they are still there and maybe I will drop a few more around today if I get the chance and if not tomorrow or the next day. I hope you find one if you are in town otherwise....

This is something I have done for a few years now and I have had some really nice messages back but I don't expect that to happen, however it is nice to hear also.

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