Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Another Day As An Artist In St Ives

Here is the new drawing I promised yesterday finished at just after midnight last night. I am rather pleased with it and it very much fits in with my latest series all based on shapes that we are familiar with. All of them have been drawn on mount-board and a mixture of marker pen and smaller dots done with a uni pin fine liner many hours work but I think it was worth it. I am thinking of framing them when I have some project money to do so. 

I have now started another which is based on two marker pen dotted circles one turquoise and the other in this green, should take me a few days. I am still trying to find time to get my next biggy started but did some website updating this morning for The Workshop then handed around some flyer/posters around town to promote March's program of activities at Barnoon.

I then went up to Barnoon and did the second coat on a wall to make our space look a bit sharper and the did a guitar lesson for one of our clients, then back home for food and to write this. 

I will leave you with another drawing on mount-board.

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