Saturday, 12 March 2016

Bleeding Narrative and.....

Above is one of my drawings from my 'Bleeding Narrative' series. I started a sketchbook last year with the idea that every drawing would be one for a future exhibition and very soon found out that the inks and pens I was using bled through the paper to varying degrees, so the idea of an exhibition went straight out of the window so to speak. This fact then really caught my interest and thus I had to fill the whole book which took a good few months and now remains as a whole book which I am really the very happy with and now will remain as a whole.

This is the last drawing in the "Bleeding Narrative" series and was done with a new pack of sharpie's that my step daughter bought me for my birthday. This is the reverse side of the paper and shows how lovely the ink spreads through and also shows the nibs of the pens getting larder with use.

I thought I would follow a similar process when I started the first page of my next book, this one was done with a limited amount of metallic gel pens and strangely for me looks very ordered.

I have again been working on a much larger drawing, here is a small snap shot of it below done on my cam phone under low-ish light.


  1. loving the last image, looks like an abstract monochrome landscape photo, by Moholy-Nagy or Andre Kertesz.

  2. I will update an image of how it is going soon.