Tuesday, 29 March 2016

More minimal

The drawing above actually has a title, I do not like to name most of my drawings if I can help because I don't want to make the person looking any hints to what it is all about. That is normally because they are just a pattern and don't pertain to anything on the other hand this one is called 'Two Pens Running Out'. I have this feeling that in our normal lives we don't often get a pen that really runs out. I used to use them and lose them but I like my pens to go as far as they can depending on the work.

Showing a more minimal streak to my work than I normally do, this and the one below are bleed throughs from the otherside and then added to. I know what I think they look like/resemble but I will try not to tell.

More drawing always to do and new ideas forming all the time looking back, looking forward, lots to do.

See you tomorrow.

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