Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Starting a new piece and other stuff.

I am not prone to showing works before they are finished or nearly finished but here we go. This time I thought I would show a just started one, maybe less than an hour in.

I do intend to publish updates of this one as progress is made, a grid and dot drawing with colour.

Today was quite eventful, I buffed up on some art and history of St Ives and then went for a meeting with Danny from the Cohort Hostel about them giving out information on courses at Barnoon Workshop which has quite a program coming up. Danny is a lovely fella with a good vision for the future of St Ives and more. He wants to extend the Barnoon Workshop entry on the cohort website.

I also delivered more work to Melanie at the UYS Gallery St Ives.

Since then I have given a guitar lesson and am now doing my daily blog.

I was shown these lovely Bernard Leach tiles that are in a hidden part of St Ives. I love them and want to share them with you.

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