Thursday, 17 March 2016

Dots, Barnoon Workshop, Alfred Wallis, Blackstar

Above is one of my monochrome series drawings, done on artists paper. I have no idea how many dots are on this one. It started out as quite a few areas done with dot shapes and then starting to go around them until all were joined up. I feel it gives a very organic pattern that looks like cell growth or lichen growing. I was very happy with the final image. It is for sale in the UYS Gallery St Ives at this moment.

Above and below are two more smaller drawings that both start in the same way but have a lot more minimal approach and have colour. So the images can look a bit similar they all grow in different ways.

My day today started with attending and help with a clay class at the Barnoon Workshop which was interesting and fun, in the middle I had a quick meeting with one of the St Ives September Festival members about putting our events in their booklet for the festival. We were only starting to confirm events for the festival yesterday and it looks like we at Barnoon will have a fairly full program.

Last evening I also did a couple of hours more on my large Blackstar and some work on a smaller 'circle piece that has been evolving on a thin bit of card that had a water and ink process used on it much like on old book but quite a bit brighter. Hopefully I shall have it finished quite soon.

I have also been re-reading my notes on Alfred Wallis as I have a small tour and talk tomorrow morning before the Alfred Wallis painting class.

Peace be with you all and try not to get too annoyed over the budget......

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