Friday, 18 March 2016

Wallis, Clay, Private View plus.

Above and below are some pages from my recent grid sketchbook. These are a very good antidote to doing long dot drawings and lead to larger images too. I found that when doing them I wanted to be quite free and not to worry about anything being perfect. The ink bled through form the other side but I just didn't care. I just liked the effect and quick results.

In some ways the still relate to my dots as I can think of each square being a bit akin to a pixel, maybe that is just my head and my explanation.

Today has been a very interesting one with two different classes. The first being and Alfred Wallis tour and paint. Here are some of the results, and finally the second was a clay workshop for a Hen do.

Got some more dots on the 'big one'. Today I will get less work done as I have an old school friend in town and it has been too long since we last met. We are off to a private view at The Porthminster Gallery for starters.

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