Sunday, 27 March 2016

It takes time.....

Above is one of the two drawings I am working on at the moment. It has taken quite a few sessions now but it is really getting to show itself now, it should be finished in the next day or two.

Below is the larger piece I am working on it is a completely different kettle of fish indeed. I always find it interesting the way the pens change as they get worn down in the process of thousands of dots. I also sometimes change the individual pens as I go along it happens through choice and by picking up the other pens by mistake. This shows in slightly different nib pattens and the amount of ink flowing through them. They all amount to a richness that I am very happy with but it is like they reveal themselves to me through the doing.

It is Easter Sunday and I am drawing at one end of our large dining table and my wife Zoe is painting at the other end, we have the ipod on which is playing a real mixture of our tunes from Mr Scruff, St Germain, Magazine, LTJ Bukem, Martyn Barker with Wild Willy Barrett's French Connection and many other delights. The weather outside is being very changeable and effecting the lighting condition. I have had one creme egg to join in with Easter. There is more painting and drawing to be done in this household.

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