Monday, 7 March 2016

Start the week

This week started with my regular attendance at Drop In And Draw at The Barnoon Workshop followed by an informal gathering at the Moomaid coffee and ice cream shop on the wharf St Ives. The weather was a bit cold but out of the wind the sun was very warming and the company excellent. St Ives seemed to be a very happy place today. 

The afternoon comprised of heading home and doing some admin and then onto drawing. I have embarked on another A2 size drawing which I might show as a work in progress at a later date. Also have been trying to get my head around the press release I am trying to write for the delivery of my big grid and dots drawing that will be delivered to the UYS Gallery, to be honest not got far with it yet so here a few more images of my work.


  1. Enjoyed these drawings - looking forward to discovering more of your work.

    1. Thanks Rob, there will be plenty more and glad you enjoyed.