Monday, 28 March 2016

Wire drawing and next drawing thoughts

This morning I was involved in a 'Drawing with Wire' workshop at Barnoon led by my wife Zoe. It started with myself as model but not everyone drew me. Then a very concentrated remainder of the session with people 'drawing' with many different types of wire and above are just some of the results.
Everyone seemed to get a lot out of trying this new medium and managing at least two each.

Above is another progress report on my new mount board drawing, six days in now and just the outer dots to do, might even get it finished tonight. At this point in getting near to finishing I am now thinking of what I will do next, what to draw on for starters, what pens, whether it will riff of this one or go somewhere entirely different. At the present moment who knows.

I also had a first lesson with a new guitar pupil. It went well and I am assured of practise before the next lesson.

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