Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Thinking whilst drawing....

Here are a few pics of the ceramic tiles I experimented with at the back end of last year, they are stoneware with a slip design followed by a clear glaze. It does reaffirm to me that many things can be 'wotnoted'.

When I am drawing I often listen to the radio, mainly 6Music which is a station I am so passionate about for many reasons. It did beggar belief some 6 years ago that it could have been got rid of by the powers that be but after a fabulous online campaign and a couple of demonstrations outside the beeb things changed and it was saved. I was happy to be a small part of this, making it to the second demo with my son and also writing the odd jingle for Andrew Collings one I made within 40 mins of his request.
When working I often have some private thinking time to which sometimes drifts into how many ideas I have for my drawings, also I fully realize that given another 100 years on this earth I do not have time to do them all but hey ho.....

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