Sunday, 17 April 2016

Little insight

Above is what resulted from a second sitting on this one, most of it was done whilst watching the concluding two parts of the gritty Swedish drama Blue Eyes, however I don't think the drawing was influenced by the violence and dodgy dealing that went on. I really enjoyed the different facets of this and many other nordic noir dramas that seemed to have proliferated on our screens over the past few years. I have been nicely surprised at how we as a nation has taken to them, on the other hand what other quality television is being made in the UK. We have a woeful amount of new art programs they seem at an all time low. Is our culture slowly sinking in these times of austerity?

Above is the reverse of the top drawing and deserves further work but I know not what yet....

Above is the front cover of a sketchbook I finished a while ago, the whole book works as a whole in my mind and maybe I should put it on the market as a whole. It looks like I will be drawing in UYS Gallery on Tuesday so if anyone wants to pop in while I am there for a chat or to buy anything you are welcome. I will update with times in tomorrow's blog.

Bye for now.


  1. I'll try to pop in on Tuesday for a chat - I've enjoyed reading and looking through these blogs. We've had the stimulating pleasure of sharing time this weekend with an Oxford artist, Merlin Porter, and his partner, Bethany. He is the son of Jago Stone, the artist whose biography I'm writing. Lives focused on creativity are good to connect with.

    1. I am in there tomorrow, Tuesday and it would be very nice to see you Rob and have a chat.