Friday, 1 July 2016

Book Art, UYS Gallery, tomorrow etc

Above is a finished drawing from last night, trying to use my 'language' to explore more areas and possibilities.

Above is the bleeding narrative other side of the first one.

Above is another from last night, I am trying to stay minimal with this one but I am still tempted to add more. I will discover that tomorrow when I get to finishing this 'Double Chill' book.

Above is the BN of the one above and this might not be finished either......

Above and below are two more from last night and I am not sure that these don't need finishing touches as well but tomorrow I am spending the day drawing and manning The UYS Gallery Tregenna Hill St Ives all day, see you there if you pop in.

Today was the first lie in for ages as we didn't have any workshops to do so after breakfast we had a little ramble around town and this is a shot looking over to Gwithian and Godrevy.

After doing another tidy and improve session at Barnoon Workshop we walked back into town for a friday treat (much needed) so I had time to do a 'tourist' shot over Porthmeor it was a bit chilly but the surfers looked happy with the swell getting larger. We dropped into The Union to discuss the day and to try and come up with a title for our Bobby Wotnot vs Zoe Eaton exhibition in August at CafeArt.
It is important to get the title right for what we do and to encompass us together. We are both hoping to make a bigger splash with this show than we have done before but hey you can never predict too much.

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