Thursday, 14 July 2016

New tag and wood.

Above is another new one in the 'Graham's Conifer Series'. It started of very minimal but like me I just can't leave them alone and want to add more. Having said that I am very pleased with the final result.

Above is a new small scale tag drawing another 'Wotnot/Eaton'. We will keep exploring this I think.

Today has been paper making day at Barnoon Workshop, a lovely full class this morning and some pulp left over for more of our paper to be made this afternoon as you can see below.

Above is a pic a friend sent me of him bookmarking my blog. It is good to get feedback.

The day finished with a refreshing pint on the way home with some pals including Jordan Jackson. It was nice. Dinner will be eaten after this blog post. I will be working tonight on more drawings.


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