Wednesday, 18 October 2017

New drawing on the go, Tony Eastman and Chris Packham.


Above is a drawing that I started working on in last evenings drawing session, I was also watching a program on Chris Packham and his autism. Very touching it was too and also revealing some traits that I possess, not surprising really when I look at the kind of work I produce. I wouldn't be shocked if I appeared on the spectrum somewhere.
I have found Chris Packham always informative and always worth a watch ever since his early days but I had never realised what a struggle life had been for him and his family and in many ways continues to be. I admire his complete honesty in this documentary, I have continued to think about this hour of viewing all day on and off.

Below is a close up of the work I started last night and have continued to work on for a couple of hours today.

This day has been a good day it started by me manning the exhibition at Barnoon and we had quite a few visitors including exhibitor Tony Eastman it was a pleasure to meet him and I highly recommend you take a look at his work on his website 
It is also a pleasure to have him in the show, I will get better pics of his work in our show that my wife curated for tomorrow's blog.
This afternoon was part workshop and part gallery as we had a wire drawing workshop that my wife led, I joined in but helped with visitors to the Hand Held View show. We closed the workshop later than we were intending to as we had a few visitors from the show.
Since then all the ordinary things have happened and I received a communication to say someone had found one of my 'art drops'. It is always a nice moment for me when someone finds one of my free art pieces and even better when they let me know, a little happiness has been spread.

I am off to draw.


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Contemporary Abstract Drawing, RIP Sean Hughes and an Art tour.


Above and below are my two new drawings in my latest whole sketchbook work which is yet untitled. I am as ever pleased with these drawings and they fit in the book nicely with the previous drawings, you may think otherwise. You may also think what the hell is he doing and not work out what I have been doing all these years. I believe and assert that I am doing something that could be entitled as contemporary abstract drawing, you may also not think this but there you go!

 As I hadn't brought my sketchbook back from the studio I contented myself by doing some small drawings on these sea pottery shards. Most of the time I leave these around for people to find and from the responses I get from some of the people who find them they spread a little happiness and that is just fine by me.

Today I have given an art tour of St Ives for two lovely people from Reading. I really enjoy doing these tours whether it is a big group or otherwise. What a nice way to spend a bit of my day and also gives me the excuse to sketch and here is a quick one from down on the harbour today. Part of the drawing tour thing for me is to get people drawing which hopefully they will continue after today and fill the sketchbook, I have many some are abstract and others have scenes from my adopted town.

Above is a pic of a largish ship that sheltered in the bay yesterday but by this morning it had continued on it's journey to wherever, I am guessing either out across the Atlantic or to one of our ports.

Yesterday I was shocked to hear of the death of comedian Sean Hughes at the tender age of 51, I only saw him live once at The Derngate Theatre in Northampton somewhat over 20 years ago and he was a remarkable talent who will be sadly missed by many. I was also a big fan of Sean when he was on the tele. Sean's Show especially and as a captain on Nevermind The Buzzcocks. RIP Sean.

Well I am off to have my dinner and then get on with a few things before I start drawing.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Helen Birch - Freehand, Starting the week


I have probably started most Monday blogs with something like this, and this is no real exception. Monday starts as Monday does with my wife's drawing class at Barnoon Workshop, I have taken the class a few times myself but it is really Zoe's domain. Today we we working from the Helen Birch book 'Freehand'. An excellent book that we picked up at the Tate St Ives bookshop yesterday. We had a lively group this morning, one newcomer and a German lady on holiday four regulars and me.

The two hour session shot past with us all taking something from the book and going with it under Zoe's gentle guidance. I think we were all pleased with what we had done, some serious work was done and a few flippant fun drawings too. I am going to delve a lot deeper into this Freehand book, it features many many different artists, the narrative is straightforward, simple and direct. As a small reasonably priced art book it is a bit of a gem.

We had lunch at the workshop and then in the afternoon I went home to do some Barnoon admin whilst Zoe delivered a watercolour session.

I have not managed any new pics of my new drawings, two done last night and a few sea pottery shards that have been put out for art drops.

So I am going to show some recent works.

 Above is 'Red Hollow Dots' on found sea washed plywood and is one of my enteries in the Hand Held View Exhibition.

 Above is an A2 drawing also themed up with hollow dots.

Above is an A2 on a stained glass window grid.

 Above is another A2 from a series I did in the summer.

Above and below are two more from the same series.

Above is the final one for this blog and was also from this series.

I must also mark that this daily blog well I have missed 1 day in nearly 600 has reached 30,000 plus views, so thank you for reading.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

New drawing, Hand Held View, Tate St Ives...


Today I have been up at Barnoon Workshop 'manning' the exhibition Hand Held View we had quite a few visitors especially this afternoon, it seems to be quite popular to the eye so far but not to the pocket although it is only the first day. I was up there from 11am until nearly 5pm and we are open tomorrow to and have drawing and watercolour classes too.

 During todays gaps I managed to complete this drawing that has taken three whole sessions and I have actually started the next drawing which is a close relative with a spin.

 Above and below are a record of some of last night proceedings from our opening.

Below is the Klaus Pinter effect with some of the good folk from the open private view. Klaus has quite a CV having had shows of inflatable works from the early 1970's in some very big places across the world. One of the things he seems to do these days is enter all sorts of exhibitions with works on paper, sending through the post. They were great fun.

After 'Klaus Time' we were then treated to some fireworks set off from Man's Head by the Tate St Ives for their re-opening and they seemed to coincide with the closing of our PV.

So after being open as a gallery, for a change we nipped onto Tate's roof garden for a quick look.

Above and below give you a quick snap shot of what we hadn't seen before.

After this we popped into Tate St Ives and went into the shop which we had missed on Wednesday;'s visit as it was rammed. It was nice to see Colin but every member of staff was very busy.

So as a bit of a weekly round up here are the pics I didn't publish before the Tate was properly open.

 A bit of Picasso action along with many others, Alfred Wallis fitting next to Christopher Wood

Erin and my wife Zoe in the new gallery with a Rebecca Warren behind.

This shot gives you some idea of just how vast this new underground space is but doesn't really show off Rebecca Warren's work.

So I am back I think after my computer problems and I will be off to continue my new drawing when I have sorted a couple of other things.

Hand Held View


I am now a day behind on my blogs, I experienced some sort of computer failure yesterday and was unable to blog, the first time in nearly 600 days. Well hey ho....  

 I think my machine is still playing up a bit but here I go

Here a some pics from our Exhibition at Barnoon Workshop I will attempt to put up stuff from the opening night which was tonight and a very busy evening it was too...

This is about all I can do tonight as my laptop is sketchy

Thursday, 12 October 2017

St Ives Cornwall. Hand Held View.


Everything in our town seems to be about Tate and why wouldn't it be that this week. Most building work seems to be finished, film crews are filming, the press seem to be quite evident all not far from Barnoon Workshop our small independent arts business.

Above is our poster on the side of our building advertising our exhibition that opens this weekend. We have received quite a lot of interest in the show curated by my wife Zoe Eaton.

Below are three pics from last night when we visited The Tate's pre-opening. I will share other pics from the night in a round up of this week in St Ives.

 Today I had the pleasure of taking a drawing class for a French Canadian Lady, we had a lovely hour and a half realising this view and more in our sketchbooks.

We than had lunch and then tried to get on with getting ready for the show, many things got in the way but we did make headway.

Above, here we go again! a view of The Tate from our workshops front door, lots of activity still going on. I was outside painting some shelves and suddenly I realised that Nicholas Sorota had passed behind me and was watching me paint. A few minutes later Janet Street-Porter went past and more familiar faces went past as I finished with painting for the day.

I am off to continue drawing and hopefully I will have a new finished work to share with you.