Saturday, 22 July 2017

St Ives and new works.


Above is drawing 135 in my whole sketchbook work and I am really getting a sense of achievement as I approach the end of this work and it looks like I will have it completed in under 3 months especially as I have been able to finish drawing 136. I managed to fit it in whilst manning our contemporary portrait studio this afternoon.

Above is a shot out to sea from just above Porthmeor that I took this afternoon which was a stark contrast to this mornings weather. I left home at 10:40 am to get up to the workshop in time for a possible drawing tour that I attempt to deliver five mornings a week, within two minutes of leaving the house the heavens opened and I was wet through by the time I got to our workshop, it probably only takes seven minutes to get there but the deluge won. As I waited to see if anyone turned up it eased off slightly and one lady turned up for it but we both decided it was rather pointless to go on drawing/art tour.

My wife arrived and I spent an hour only half drying out before we went out putting the signs out for the 'Your Face My Art' and we got four people who wanted portraits but today they only wanted my wife's works, so Gazelle and myself got on with our own work and chatted to the families who arrived. Interestingly one German family turned up to get their daughters portrait and whilst chatting we found out that at the moment the were living in Milton Keynes which is where we used to live before we relocated to St Ives and started our previous business an arts cafe, it is now nearly seven years to the day since we opened the doors of our catering and art business. Sometimes time seems to fly by, I find it almost unbelievable that it is that many years. Whilst we were in our cafe business it was hard to establish ourselves down here as artists and actually it still is because work always comes first over our art. Having said that my wife is now working on a series of fourteen paintings and I have my daily drawing routine, up until last October we both had gallery representation but sadly the gallery had to close and we are both looking for new galleries to represent our work. We also have a plan to use the workshop to become a bit more of a gallery space in the future that will include our own shows and also for us to curate some interesting contemporary shows too. When we open our gallery side we will then be the closest gallery to Tate St Ives.

I will be off to draw and relax shortly and to get nearer to the completion of my book and to work out exactly what tack I will take with my next series of works.


Friday, 21 July 2017

Always new work and what happens in St Ives.


Above is the drawing I started last night in my drawing time and managed to finish in gaps in work today.

I did a little art drop today near The Barnoon Workshop. I quite regularly do these random art drops of my smaller works around St Ives and other places that I visit from time to time. So if you visit here keep your eyes open and feel free to pick them up if you like them and take them home with you as a little art present from me and St Ives.

My art tour today was a wash-out as it sometimes is.

After work today as a bit of an end of the week treat we ended up down The Wharf and after a rain shower we got this fabulous rainbow beyond the harbour.

Since then we have had a little social in the Western Hotel 'garden' a small reward and some fun after being an artist and a grocer today. A good small crowd of us gathered for our Friday evening drinkies, my wife, son, step daughter fellow Barnooner Erin Lacy from Pick Pretty Paints, The Statue Man Mark and his wife Ruth and Adam and Sally from St Ives Glass shop in Cyril Noall Square and a nice evening full of banter it was.

I am now having thoughts on how I am going to finish off my Monochrome Set whole sketchbook work that has in some ways consumed my drawing over the last couple of mouths or so.

Well I am off to draw and think and relax and also to get ready for my drawing tour tomorrow as long as the weather holds for it, who knows.....

Back tomorrow.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

New Drawings, A drawing tour.


Above and below are the two new drawings that I have done in the last 24 hours. I as usual am pretty happy with them and also I am getting happier and happier as I get nearer the end of this whole sketchbook work. I will hopefully be finished with it in the next week.

When I normally get to the end of a whole sketchbook work I would normally go back through the book to see if all drawings are done to my satisfaction and maybe add a bit more but up to this point I am convinced that only one drawing might be tampered with. I am thinking it is a little unfinished rather than a bit minimal also a few folk who have been with me on the journey of the book seem to point it out I would not normally let this influence me much but as the are my 'inner sanctum' and I am rather unsure this one drawing might get 'tarted up' at the end of proceedings. We will see when I get page 140 and the inside covers done. I also have to resolve what I will do on the front and back covers. I hadn't thought about it too much but the thought that I might turn the monochrome idea on its head, the pages are white with black ink and the covers are black so white pens might work but I had it suggested to me today by friend Jowan that instead of covering both covers in white on black I might not do much to the front so as you open it you have no real expectation of what might be inside. This has led me to think I might just do a very minimal title on the front and then attend to the back cover, we will see when I get there.

This morning I had a nice group turn up for my outdoor drawing class, we went down to Porthmeor, it was a bit windy but the rain held off. Not many were experienced drawers so I was in advice mode.

Above is a quick example I did of 'continuous line' drawing and below is a 'scribble' drawing in pencil showing how you can build up form in that manner.

I am off to draw in a bit and I am also keeping my fingers crossed for good enough weather tomorrow that we will have another outdoor drawing class out on the coastal path. We will see.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Abstract and 'real' and real.


Above is the latest finished drawing in my whole sketchbook work that has been a feature of my blog over the last two and a half months as I have worked my way through this latest project. As I have been reporting I am getting near the end and maybe I will have the whole thing finished in a week or so.

 Above and below are two drawings I did today on my buildings and architecture tour, one as an illustration of continuous line drawing and the other showing a soft pencil technique.

Above is a drawing I did yesterday also as a bit of an example to show a pencil scribble technique, it is showing the rocks and the edge of The Island. I have recently been really enjoying drawing real things instead of doing my abstract work and I am lucky that I get to draw as part of my paid work as well as doing my 'work'.

Above is a rather misty view looking over Porthmeor towards Man's Head and Clodgy, a beautiful and moody scene.

Well as usual I am off to draw in a bit and relax after quite a full day of work.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

New Work, art drop, art tour and what I do.


Above is the latest drawing I have completed in my whole sketchbook work 'The Monochrome Set'. It is the 130th drawing in this book work. I have been working on this book since the beginning of May which I think has been pretty good progress, the few people who have seen this book so far has given me really good feedback which is nice but as ever I have to find away of reaching the market, this is as ever the artist dilemma whilst being so deeply in the work you don't always think about the outside world you just get into the work, well I do anyway. Perhaps I need an agent.

 Above is a very small art drop I did today, in fact one of the smallest ones I have ever done. I have placed it in a place that quite a lot of my drops get picked up from and I will check tomorrow. After that I took four people out on an art drawing tour of St Ives and then I met family up at The Tate St Ives cafe. Just before I went up to have a coffee I saw a pod of at least 10 dolphins off the Island and below is the view I had whilst relaxing before my grocer duties helping my friend in his shop.

I will be off to plot my last 10 drawings in my book whilst also plotting what works I will do next.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Starting The Week and new drawing.


Above is the drawing I started and finished in last nights drawing session and another riff on the current book topic, I am now 11 drawings away from completing all the pages in this current whole sketchbook work.

Monday starts as Monday does with the drawing group at Barnoon Workshop that my wife leads we went of to do some preparatory sketches outside and mine are below. These sketches were for us to work from when we got back to the workshop and out task was to draw on slate.

Above is the slate drawing I finished off with a bit of an abstraction from my prep work. It was a very enjoyable class.

After we had finished the drawing class I came across this mobile home parked in the Barnoon car park which had driven all the way from China.

This afternoon I was helping in my friends grocers shop and tonight we met up with Rebecca my step daughter who has come back from her teaching job in Dubai to stay with us for a few weeks so we are now a whole family again, which is nice.

So at some point I will draw some more but family time is good.


Sunday, 16 July 2017

Tasmina Perry, Wolfgang Fuchs, Drawing and a Guitar Lesson.


Above is the drawing I started in yesterdays drawing session and I finished it in some gaps today.

Today has been a day of many facets. I have been a guitar teacher today and my student was an internationally renowned an best selling author, Tasmina Perry. Tammy turned out to be a very able student and readily learnt four chords and a riff whilst at the workshop and in a quick break we were joined by Tammy's husband and son, she wanted Fin to see my sketchbook and it was nice to meet John also an ex NME journalist.  They have regularly attended our workshops on their holidays in St Ives and a great supporter of all things creative, just as we were concluding our lesson we were then joined by surprise visitors Wolfgang Fuchs and his family.
They have been touring Cornwall and wanted to take some photo's for a future show of the workshop our work place so I did what I was asked posing with art works by my wife Zoe Eaton and even the latest drawing in my book. I answered questions and it turned into quite a photo shoot. I hope it makes the cut in their latest project. Their daughter Jasmine had a good look through some of my sketchbooks and she was perfectly polite. So below is the one photo I took of Wolfgang and his wife Rosie.
Wolfgang turns out to be world renowned photographer who travels the world documenting the people he meets and works for several photo agencies, The National Geographic and for his own shows too. So what and interesting day it became full of interesting nice people.

Rosie and Wolfgang Fuchs.
So I am going to do a little more drawing and continue with my book and take in this whole weekend which has been quite an adventure.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Lafrowda, new work and cows.


 Well last night I managed to finish two new drawings one more minimal than the other, they fit the brief of the book and I will continue with this until the book is finished which is not too far away now. So later I will continue.

Today has been one of our many varied days rooted in and from our 'arts' workshop, so we did a turn at The Lafrowda Festival in St Just. It was a very misty and windy and sometimes quite wet, we delivered a mixed program of juggling, hula hooping and making card crowns and head gear for the young festival folk. This festival has been going for some 25 years and it was very nice to be asked to be part of it. We were on doing our stuff from 11am until 5pm so we are all feeling a bit tired and achy but what good fun it was. and below is a small selection of pics from around the event. I would have taken some pics of the acts but we were very busy at times but safe to say The Mounts Bay Academy put on a great show.

Above is a couple of views of the parade and below a few of the puppets from the parade. The theme of this years festival was Where The Wild Things Are.

As we headed back along the coast road back towards St Ives we were met by the cows heading off to be milked and everything stops as they walk off towards the milking shed from their grazing, then we continued our journey back to town happy and tired.

I am now off to draw and hopefully to watch a program about Chris Ofili on the BBC that has been put back because of the Wimbledon doubles coverage. Back in the day I would have been glued to any big sporting moments but it seems I have moved on to just wanting more and more art.

Cheers all!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Contemporary Abstract Drawing, The Monochrome Set.


Above is the second in my experiment of lookey-likey drawings starting with the same premise and finding out the do not look exactly the same and below is the double page spread proving that.

Today has been an interesting day I have been part artist part grocer and the day went past very quickly at the end of the day we ended up having a pint at The Western and bumped into our friend Jordan Jackson, haven't seen him for so long it seems and nice it was to catch up too. Towards the end of our hearty chat talked turned to art as it quite often does. I had this book I have been working on me and Jordan went through the whole thing so far. I got some interesting feedback as a few others joined in it was a bit like a public private view and I was heartened by the good feedback I got.
Thank you all.

Below is a small selection of what all who were interested saw.

I am off to draw as ever......

Thursday, 13 July 2017

New Drawing, Obliterarty and ramblings.


In yesterdays blog I came up with the thought of doing two drawings with the same premise, I have only done one of them so far above but the other is started and what I will attempt to finish off tonight, whilst helping to plot final thoughts on Barnoon Workshops day out at Lafrowda on Saturday, more about that later.

Below are a few pages out of one of my obliterarty books to give you an alternative view of some of the things I get up to in my drawing world. There is a small concept behind the three volumes of obliterarty I have done so far.
  • Art as destruction, mildly.
  • Remixing.
  • A play on words.
  • Recycling.

Above one in the making to give you a better idea of what I did to create these drawings and below is the finished work. I love some of the margins I am exploring and the thought that some might have in thinking is this art? A good question and I would counter the argument by saying you would have to follow my random exploration of all the abstract drawing I have done over the years and how it all came out of my years of abstract process painting and how that led to my drawing practise. In my mind a lot can happen over 15 years. Over the last 10 years I have probably drawn for an average of 3 hours a day and I feel that I have been mining my own creativity. That all started with me and continues with a thread of me challenging my creativity everyday to come up with and then satisfy myself that I was getting deeper and deeper into my chosen strand of art.

I know the whole world doesn't and won't get it but I hope that slowly more people get into what I do or offer up in my drawing research. For quite a number of years when I worked in sketchbooks I thought they were just sketchbooks. However I have spent so much time doing sketchbooks and after a while I started to feel that these books were complete works in their own right along with many of the larger and smaller drawings I have done.

Well that is it for now, there will be another installment tomorrow of what I have drawn in the next 24 hours and some other random thoughts and explanations.

I am off to draw.