Saturday, 29 April 2017

Private View St Ives Society Of Artists and previous stuff.


Above is one of two drawings I have been working on in stages, both last night and this afternoon. At the moment I am not sure if it is a single drawing or part of a pair or not, I will see later.

Above is the other one that I decided to add some graphite around the initial circle form, I kind of like the way it frames it.

We spent some time at the workshop today hoping that we might get an odd portrait to do but got on with other stuff too.

After finishing at Barnoon we went off to the Private View for the Spring Open at The Mariners Gallery, we both have two pieces in each and it was a merry affair. We met a lot of people and chatted to many. The show is well hung and of a great variety and shows off quite a slice of work. I am so pleased to have been chosen again and quite a few people wanted to chat and it was very nice to meet people who actually appreciate your work, heart warming.

Another view of the show with one of Zoe Eaton's paintings just behind Eric Ward. My wife got two works in as I did. We go to so many private views in this town it is always good when you are part of the show too.

 Above is a shot of one of my works hanging below Graham Dilley's vibrant painting. I think they work quite well together. Graham is part of our Monday morning drawing group up at Barnoon Workshop.

Another view of tonight to give you an idea of the show and the space and of course the new improved lighting system which really shows the work off much better than it used to.

Above and below are just two random shots from my day and googly eyes work nearly every time for  me.

Building works....

I am off to draw.

Friday, 28 April 2017

The last page done and in an exhibition.


Before I discuss today above is the last drawing completed in my now completed book, the third in my Obliterarty series. So what will I draw tonight, to tell you the honest truth I have no idea but I do have some off cuts of fabriano to use.

This morning started with my wife going up to Barnoon Workshop and running a plastic fusion workshop. Whilst I went down to do a few hours in our old business Cafe Art. It was interesting to get making coffees again and many customers were happy to see me behind the cafe bar one more time and nice to see a few folk I haven't for a while.

After working I went up to Barnoon and then off around town changing our posters saying we will be on portrait duty.

We then returned home, got the dinner on and found out that both our works each had been selected for The St Ives Society Of Artists Spring Open Exhibition. It opens tomorrow and was curated by Anthony Frost and we are both chuffed. We will be at the viewing tomorrow from about 4.15pm

Above and below are the two drawings that I have got into the exhibition I mentioned above.

Here is another little view from my day, a crane and hoardings and a shut footpath.

I am off to relax and draw.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Work In Progress and this and that.


It has been a bit of a mixed day of a day. We both did some website work this morning and then went down town to do some banking a small amount of shopping and also to spec out a few places to draw for our up and coming new drawing events based from Barnoon Workshop. The first ones start next week.

It has been quite a non art day so far but I will be hopefully sorting that out in a bit.

I am not going to show the final drawing before it is finished so I am going to leave you with some other drawings in the my so nearly finished Obliterarty Volume 3.

 These drawings above are about a sixth of the book.


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

New work and getting your entries ready.


 Above and below are the two last drawings that will complete my latest book, the one above is now done and has taken more than three evenings work, it seemed like such a simple idea before I started it and it just went on and on but now done.

Now on to the second of the two drawings as yet unfinished and will be the one I am working on after I finish this blog. I have an idea of how I will continue as it was part of the initial idea and I will show you what I did tomorrow.

Today was partly taken up today by getting our entries fully ready for the open exhibition at The St Ives Society of Artists. It was £10 per entry and we entered two each. I do hope they get in and sell too. We delivered them to April by about 4 O'clock and after my framing issues and Zoe having not completed both painting until about 3pm, we are both pretty happy.

Since then I have delivered my usual Beginners Guitar Session at Barnoon Workshop, watched a bit of TV and written this and now I am ready to draw.


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Varied day.


Above and below are two works I am intending submit tomorrow for the Spring Open Exhibition at The St Ives Society Of Artists. I spent a few hours getting them ready for me to frame.. I took these pics before putting them behind glass. I must say I was quite chuffed with the look of the two pieces and am now hopeful they will be picked for the show. I have sold well in the last two open exhibitions.
The work above was done using a group of pens that were nearly out of ink but had enough for a few dots before recapping them and waiting for them to recharge. I thought at the time, 'what a green concept', well maybe not but getting the most out of your resources and I just love to run out a pen fully having used it to emptiness or even on the way to nib destruction. This having been going on in my head whilst executing the drawing is probably just a way of keeping myself entertained whilst embarking on a larger scale work. The drawing took as I remember 4 or 5 sessions of 4 hours or more to completed.
The work below was a drawing I did a while ago and had finished it but whilst in the process of getting it frame ready I decided to do some extra subtle additions to it. I started adding small dots in what at first would seem a very ordered fashion and then deviated from it to have anomalies so I follow that idea and now wonder to myself if anyone will actually look at the drawing and notice but if they do. I sort of see that chain of thought being if you look enough or listen enough to a piece of music you might suddenly find something you hadn't previously noticed. Will anyone look enough and pay that kind of attention I know not but I know.

Above and below are two contrasting shots around Barnoon Workshop from today, above is a shot of a windy car park with the spectacular crane working on the Tate St Ives extension. It was colder than recent days.
Tuesday is the day I do my 'Tour and Draw' and for the first time in 3 weeks I had someone, we have been a oon Workshoplittle cut of by the building works. So I took a lovely Dutch lady around the town showing her some of the interesting sites of our beautiful and interesting town.
After the tour I met my wife and partner in Barnoon Workshop, we had lunch and then got on with painting and getting ready to hand our work in to the open. While we were in the doing it got even windier and the we had a very heavy hail shower and below is what we saw when we opened the door.

Another event in my day was popping in at Ebb & Flow to see if I could pick up my Bob Moulder caricature that we had used as a poster last week and discover this rather groovy but badly photographed poster of St Ives shown in the form of a London Underground map. Genius! As I looked at it I realised that Barnoon Workshop was actually represented as a 'station'. It was a happy moment and Karen gave me one to take away, how nice.

I am now off to draw, so cheers for now.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Drawing Class Barnoon Workshop and some drawings from the past year or so.


This morning started as Mondays do with the drawing class at Barnoon Workshop and today's subject was quick gestural drawing. So my wife led the group down to Porthmeor where we found a lot of people to draw and below are a few of mine. It is a challenge to capture people why the are going about their business. I enjoyed it and got quite immersed and seem to be fining a couple of styles. After nearly an hour and a half we all legged it back to the workshop to add some colour to our works.

After the group left we were given this site a huge crane working on The Tate extension its size made The Workshop look even more under siege, but it was impressive.

This afternoon was spent dreaming up new drawing experiences for the coming months, more about those soon.

I have no new finished drawings to show you so I am going to share some older works with you for today.

Above and below two drawings on wood.

Above two small drawings on 'sea pottery'

Above and below two drawings on paper.

Above and below are two much larger drawings, A1 in size.

I am now off to draw as I do nearly every evening for a few hours.


Sunday stuff in an artists life.


Above is the drawing I did most of in yesterdays evenings drawing session and finished off today with a few final flourishes, and is another riff on what is going on in my now nearly finished new whole book work.

Today we went up to Barnoon to open up our contemporary portrait studio as we have done over the last few weekends, whilst hampered by the continued footpath closure down the side of our building courtesy of the overdue works on the Tate. They are having a really big effect on our business but we carry on regardless.

Eventually today we had a customer and she chose me to do her portrait in my 'ostraca' style and above is the drawing I did on some 'sea pottery' presented in a box.

Patricia from Germany then decided that she wanted a portrait from all of us and evn made us pose with our works for her.

After we had finished our day and on the way back home I took this pic of cherry blossom and palm blossom just up from our house.

This evening we then went out to friends for a cheese and wine evening and a bit of a musical Jam to. a mighty fine fun evening.


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Drawing and work and gubbins.


Above is the drawing I had done the day before but was a little bit too after Sir Terry although the shapes are mine as well as his but I had to make it more me.

Above is another drawing that could now be finished but it might not be. As I get to these last few drawings in this Obliterarty book I seem to be more concerned about getting the general form sorted than actually completing the drawing. I think this is because I want the last few images to tighten and widen the themes of the book as a whole and so I move on.
I feel I only have a few more days work to do on this, we will see and to be honest I still have no idea what drawings I will get on with next, I have been taken over by this whole work, perhaps I will embark on a large dot drawing but it is wide open to see what I do next.

Today was spent up at our now even more embattled workshop as there are more works surrounding it, very frustrating indeed. I spent the drawing with my wife Zoe Eaton and Marie Keeling came and joined us to. Marie working on her portraits and Zoe painting. Zoe and I are contemplating the work we will put into the open at The St Ives Society of Artist, it all has to be ready for Wednesday and the works will be curated by Anthony Frost.

When we returned home we checked up on the thrusts and parries of the up and coming General Election, annoyed at the lack of impartiality on BBC news programs and finding out we are not the only ones.

I also spent some time finding some old cd's from the loft to extend what we have on our ipod having decided that just under 2,000 tunes is not enough and getting rather repetitive. I found my old Brian Eno box sets 'Vocal' and 'Instrumental' as well as quite a bit of Ninja Tune and Bukem vibe stuff as well as albums by Iggy Pop who has just turned 70, Dreadzone, Talking Heads, The Cure and many other gems and local favourites Daytoner. This should brighten up our ipod.

I am noe watching the TV and getting ready to draw. So I will leave you now and get on.


New drawings, a funeral and stuff.


Above is a drawing that I started the night before but hadn't finished and here it is finished. It was almost an automatic almost unconsidered reaction to the previous drawings in this book that I am working on and it is getting nearly to the end of the project.

Above is the drawing that also just flowed out and looking at it, it seems 'after Terry Frost but also seems to relate a lot to my work in this 'obliterarty' book that has now been quite a long time in the making.

Today has been quite an emotional day. We had a workshop that didn't run this morning but I did start to get the workshop ready for our portrait studio on Saturday.

I then had to get my suit out which is something I do not wear very often but I had a funeral to go to of our dear friend and fellow artist Colin T. Johnson. This was held at Longstone Cemetary Carbis Bay. It was a lovely ceremony full of feeling. At the end of proceedings I helped take the coffin to the grave side and we all said our goodbyes.

We then all transferred to Tregenna Castle for the wake. This part of seeing Colin off was quite an uplifting affair with a great mix of people. I spent quite a lot of time speaking to Nick and Audrey who were old customers of our arts cafe in St Ives and Audrey was one of our Stalwart poetry people at the Lit fest and The September Festival. It was lovely to see them again even at this sad event.

So many people talked to it all seems a bit of a blur.

This is a bit of a late blog but we have spent a very enjoyable evening at a friend and supporter of Barnoon chewing the fat on the modern world over a few drinkies and bread and cheese.

Another very mixed and unusual/usual varied day in this artistic town we live in......