Thursday, 17 August 2017

A New Work and Milton Keynes.


Above is the 'bleeding narrative' of a previous drawing from my very recent mini series, I am happy as ever with the way it looks and it kept me busy in last evenings session.
Whilst I started drawing on this we had the television on and it was a program about 50 years of Milton Keynes the town I lived in and around from my teenage years, it did make me feel a bit nostalgic about that time of the new city gathering and growing. It dealt quite a lot about how do you gain a culture in a new city but I always thought that there was some culture or we all helped that culture whether being creative or just going to stuff. I saw MK's music culture grow first with a boom in Punk and New Wave bands and the forging of a scene of sorts, I still know many of those people from that time although I now live 300 miles away and indeed my friend and great organiser Lee Scriven was involved in the making of the program. He made a film that has had a limited release called 'I Must Adjust' which was a great piece on moving from London to be part of a new city and was named after one of his punk band's songs. Ficticious were the first serious band I supported in my small town punk outfit More Trivia. Over the years Lee was responsible for many small leaps, my first music on vinyl 7", 12" and first album all in the band New Mutants, later I joined his big band The Blues Collective and toured collages and many other venues and ending up on CD for the first time. Lee has always been an inspirational creative in Milton Keynes and it seems he hasn't finished yet.

Anyway less nostalgia except to say also the town of my first group exhibitions and my first solo show. I am now thinking about my next show and who knows where that will be at the moment but I have been working hard as ever on new stuff for whenever I get the chance to do a new show and have plenty of stuff for the right gallery or galleries but I need time to make some approaches and sadly the summer time in St Ives is not quite the right time to be doing that, what with busy workshops and drawing tours and helping in my friends shop from time to time and evenings spent drawing and trying to relax and think up new stuff for Barnoon and my drawing works. Well I am off to do that, cheers all...

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Two new drawings etc.


Above is the drawing I worked on last evening, it is drawn on a watercolour experiment my wife did as part of one of her workshops and she donated it to me to draw on and now it is done.

Today has been a mixture of all sorts, I took 7 on a tour and draw of buildings which was blessed by half decent weather and spent sometime on Barnoon Terrace and then took shelter from the wind down in Norway Square. After I picked up lunch and went back upto Barnoon Workshop where Zoe had finished a kids session. We have been contacted about doing a 'tour and draw' tomorrow by a German tour guide for as many as 20 people but it has not been confirmed I guess because of the weather. We will see.

Also while I was up at the workshop I finished this simple drawing before going off to help in my friends grocers so quite a full day again and now I am really tired so a short blog tonight so I am still capable of doing some drawing to show tomorrow.

Cheers all!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

New drawing and other things.


Above is the drawing I managed to finish off in last evenings session and below is the bleeding narrative version I started, a bit more to do.

Above and below are two drawings of a teasle I did in yesterdays drawing workshop at Barnoon.

Below is a small art drop I did in the Pedn Ova earlier whilst waiting for the train to Carbis Bay.

After todays Terry Frost workshop at Barnoon we went up to The Carbis Bay Hotel to do their evening kids club which was gentle and nice and above is a painting that they have in the hotel and below is a view out towards Godrevy and the north coast that we had on our walk back.

It has been a long day and I need to rest a little as we have a few full days ahead.

Cheers and see you tomorrow!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Drifting into obliterarty etc.


Above is the new drawing I am doing it is an add on to the current series but with an nod to my 'Obliterarty' variations, plenty about them in previous blogs. The drawing is not finished yet and will be what I crack on with later.

Above and below are a few of the 142 I did for my latest book and to give you and idea of where this latest series of work is coming from.

I am now pondering in the background whilst finishing of this series, only one more to go about what I will do next, mind you I haven't sourced what I will series up yet and I haven't had more than at a glance at the reverses of this current work. Might have to check them out and see if any 'bleeding narratives' need sorting out. So that might be the next thread whilst I work out what I will draw on next, could be paper, could be anything.

Cheers for now.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Another new one in my new series etc.


Today was the first lie in for quite a while, still trying to shake this cold. A little website work was done and then we went out around the town for a while and then back home.

Getting back at a reasonable time helped me find the gap I need to get this drawing above completed, I started it last evening as you can see by the bare bones of the drawing below. I suppose the whole thing took about seven hours or so.

Above is a finished version of a drawing I shared in last evenings blog. I think when I start tonights drawing it will take off on a different tack as the paper I have is a bit dirty so I might have to taken on the printed side of the next sheet. I got them from an exhibition last year at Newlyn Art Gallery, the prints didn't really resonate with me but the blank reverse sides did and invited me to use them. So I guess we will see what happens when I get started dipping in to 'obliterarty' again.

Well that is my task so off I go to get ready for the week and the Barnoon drawing class and my evening drawing session.


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Happy with the new series so far or other adventures in contemporary abstract drawing.


This morning when I arrived at Barnoon Workshop I was greeted by a brief shower and I thought I might not get anyone on my tour but it didn't seem to be the case. So two adults and a child and off we went around the town with me being hopefully informative and also we did a couple of good stops for drawing.

After I returned to the workshop and we decided as we were both full of cold to cancel our 'portrait' session. Since then we have had a slow relaxing afternoon with some work and a little drawing for me.

I have been really enjoying this recent thread of works perhaps are becoming a mini series and last night in my drawing session I managed to start and finish a whole work.

Above is this latest work and somewhat more minimal than any other in this series, there has to be one, well I try. I am really struck by the decorative style of this one I could almost see it in some religious building, well maybe.

Above is the bare bones of the next drawing in the series that I started just before writing this blog. Below are the other four in this series so far and very taken with them I am too.

So with all these drawings in my head at the moment I am going to go off and carry on with this latest one and see how far I can get on with it, I feel really in the flow with these so I am going to strike while the iron is hot and follow where it goes.


Friday, 11 August 2017

Work continues and an art tour.


I took two people out on the coastal path to draw this morning on my art tour, which was nice and the weather held for us and we all got quite a few drawings done. One lady was from High Wycombe and the other from Dusseldorf since then I have done shopping and some drawing. Oh the exciting life of an artist.

 The other side of that is that am am satisfied with the amount of drawing time I have fitted in in the last 24 hours, so above is my drawing that I showed yesterday with a lot more lines and also colour, might even get it finished tonight. I must admit that I am rather pleased with it already and as it is an amalgam of one of my Monochrome Set works with a grid motif thrown in and something that came from my 'obliterarty' series. I am thinking of leaving the grid interiors in their black and white state and just colouring the remain circles, I believe I will be very satisfied by that.
With this kind of satisfaction from the works I do big or small I can hardly play at being that kind of 'tortured artist' because I can get quite a deep joy from finishing a drawing or two.

 Talking of one or two finished drawings I managed to finish two more drawing or more like two sides of the same drawing, so above and below are both sides of this work. So the first one is done with the large dots being drawn on the reverse side with a cheap WB permanent marker, bullet tip. I really like the way the ink bleeds through cartridge paper and the way it spreads and gathers, ah the simple things in life. The smaller dots were done with a uni-pin fine liner 0.8.
The other side of the paper below is those dots as they were drawn and then encircling them with the same 0.8 fine liner and the a 0.5 fine liner to do the lines.

When I did the original drawing I also put a cheap sheet of drawing paper underneath to see what else would print through and above is how I left it.

I will be off to draw and relax soon after all it is Friday and it has been quite a tiring week.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Works in Progress, Drawing Tours and some dot theory ramblings.


Today I have three drawings to show and with the remit for my blog being a daily account of what creative activities I have been doing etc.

 Above is the drawing I am doing at home and fourth in a series on A3 approx. I have lots to add and probably colour too as my previous book series 'The Monochrome Set' was literally 142 black on white drawings, see blogs from 3rd April to just before August for each daily moment of that. I found it a very intense and interesting process, being inventive every day and coming up with new ideas all the time. My usual mode when working on larger pieces is idea, followed by many sessions of drawing and sometimes a real endurance factor I am sure some of those works might have up to 200,000 individual dots. I now have two complete strands to my world of dots below shows the more rather more literal take on them and above the deconstructed versions of dots. In some of these such as this example I have also included my grid motif I feel I am really starting to get further on on my personal journey of exploring pattern. My hope is that some people will follow this journey that I think of as 'contemporary abstract drawing' however I do not know what many other people think apart from our group of friends and a few who have purchased or have found one of my art drops.

 So with this work in progress above I consider to be more primitive but then maybe I guess all my work could fall under that banner but it would be interesting to find out a from critics and curators might think. So I have to get a show together sometime hopefully in the next few months so I can get my work out in the world again. It has been the first year for a while that I have not had a gallery so a new one and maybe even some representation from them too wouldn't go a miss. I would love to find the ideal gallery/curator that would be able to follow my explorations and to then want to see where I go next. With that in mind it isn't just why I draw for a good few hours each day, it is just what I do, I find it interesting to see just what I will come up with next. I do try to work in series but also sometimes I like to take on a new media or new rules for where I go next and then sometimes back to basics and basics with a twist. These all come from small thoughts joining up in my head as I can do a lot of thinking whilst drawing.

Another strand that has more recently come to the front is that I now conduct outdoor drawing sessions, weather permitting, so as well as attending my wife Zoe Eaton's drawing class on Monday mornings I can now be seen sketching around St Ives with my band of happy drawers. Looking back 30 years I would never have expected that I would be taking people on drawing tours of St Ives or even be living here but sometimes a fleeting dream can come true but in 1987 I was a removal man who was in an indie band not getting very far but having lots of creative energy and ideas and want to find my way in a creative world which all started with doing a years foundation course in drama then I became a computer programmer and started small town punk/new wave band.

So as the final reveal of today's work is a scribble rock drawing I did down at Porth Gwidden  with four other drawers, such a pleasure it was just to be there drawing.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Joe Greenaway Exhibition and new drawings and Barnoon Workshop.


 Above is what happened when I actually decided what the next stage of this drawing would be. Yesterday I was having quite an internal debate of how to finish it and here it is done and I am happy.

Today started with helping to set up for a morning workshop and then me leading another drawing tour about buildings and architecture. It was pretty windy and not that warm so we ended up in Norway Square a warm sheltered spot and we got on with our drawings.

Above and below are two examples I did to help free up and speed up one of the ladies drawing styles, so I suggested a kind of contour drawing with a few details and then continuous line drawing. I am quite pleased with both as they were done on demand.

This afternoon I helped with a  Shibori workshop at Barnoon and then we had a quick relaxing visit to The Upper Deck and then before I went back up to Barnoon Workshop to deliver my weekly guitar lesson I bumped into artist of this parish Joe Greenaway.
A few years ago when we had Cafe Art we put on a couple of his exhibitions and his work always went down well. We missed his show last week at The Salthouse Gallery but it seems he has a pop up show at The Salvation Army rooms on the Wharf so I took a couple of pics and had a chat, the one below already has a sold sticker on it. So drop in over the next few days I am sure he will be pleased to see you and do enjoy his work.

Well I am off to draw and relax before tomorrow, cheers all.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Work in progress, Barnoon Workshop and drawing.


Above is the drawing I continued with in last evenings drawing session, I am now well into stage three with putting black sharpie dots in each box of the grid, it now remains to be seen whether there is a fourth stage or not. I might not be able to stop myself from circling each black dot, which could take sometime but if it makes me feel it is completed that is what I will do. If I am satisfied before I start that I might just stop, I will give an update tomorrow.

Today has been a reasonable busy day to day, first I opened up for Erin Lacy's Coastal Printing workshop and then at 11am I took 5 out on an art tour and draw which I think we all enjoyed me included.

I went back up for a quick lunch at Barnoon Workshop and  led a Paint a Mini Masterpiece based on Patrick Heron and below for better or worse is the small homage canvas I did.

So today I am blogging a bit earlier than normal for I have a stinking cold and drawing might just take my mind of it and after all it seems I might have quite a lot to do in finishing the drawing I am on and I so want to start the next one. I am really enjoying doing slightly larger works again and I am looking forward to when I can embark on something even larger. As I always say I have so many ideas to do and each twist and turn of my drawings throw up new ideas all the time so I don't really have the time to do all the drawings I think of. I am still pleased and happy with how many drawings I do do or should that be the 'amount of drawing', either way I am happy with how much work I have done in this last year. You have to keep your discipline and get on with it.


Monday, 7 August 2017

New Drawing and other drawings, art drop. 'Totem' Simon Williams and Jeremy Diggle.


Hello, here I am again starting a new week with yesterdays new drawing work and here it is below all finished after quite a few sessions and hours. This latest series of drawings based on some of my obliterarty and post obliterarty works are on paper just larger than A3.

Above is the drawing I started just after finishing the last one and I have managed to get quite a way into the first big stage. I spend about three hours a day or so drawing, it is the manner in which I explore and come up with new ideas and things slowly evolve. Just the way I like it to happen.

Monday starts as Monday does every week with my wife's drawing class at our Barnoon Workshop. The theme today was to our own 'compressed' drawing of all the things we saw and wanted to all rolled into one work and above is my stab at it with the things I saw inside the workshop and also what caught my eye whilst outside.

This afternoon whilst my wife was delivering a busy watercolour class at Barnoon I went postering and also happened upon an exhibition called Totem by Simon Williams and Jeremy Diggle. I thoroughly enjoyed the show a cut above some exhibitions in this town.Whilst there I also bumped into Karen Foss, friend and fellow artist. We both ended up talking to Simon pictured above with Jeremy's work on his left and his on the right. I learned quite a lot about Simon's technique including using graffiti paints on the reverse of paper so it bled through a relation to my 'bleeding narrative' drawing style with marker pens. If you are in St Ives at the moment this exhibition is well worth popping in on.

I returned to the workshop just before class finished and completed a small art drop to put on the wall outside Barnoon. I will see if they are still there tomorrow.

I am about to start drawing again and to try and get my drawing further on although I seem to coming down with a pretty heavy cold so we will see just how far I get, when I report in tomorrow.

Cheers all!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Abstract, not abstract....


Well, I have to report that I have completed the first stage of my new drawing and I like it enough to take a pic of it before I go on to do the lining stage, I will check in tomorrow on how far I have got with it.

Over the last few months I have been doing Tour & Draws five days a week, well when the weather allows. I have really enjoyed the experience and really look forward to each one. It is very good for me to draw 'real' things and not just my abstract work and I feel like both disciplines are really the same thing and because of the small freedoms I get with my abstract work I am really trying to free up the other side of drawing. and below are just a couple of pics I did this week on the tours in response to questions from my drawers.

 Above is one that I did to show how free and expressive you could be whilst drawing plants on the coastal path and below is an example of how to draw something with only a few lines as a quick sketch but with enough information to showing the location.

I am off to do a few things and to get drawing on part two of my new colourful drawing.


Saturday, 5 August 2017

Summer Island Disco and New works.


Above is the drawing I completed in last evenings drawing session and below is the drawing I then started directly after and the one I will continue with after doing this blog.

Today was spent moving and manning a small stall at The Summer Island Disco put on by Tassy Swallow of The Surfhouse and a lovely day was spent, we did some crafts and drawing for 'kids' and managed a few portraits too.
Below is Mark Bloxham who came to interview us about our workshop and activities and got involved because he used to surf with Tassy when they were youngsters.

Above is Zoe doing a portrait and below is the result with our French volunteer Jennifer.

I also did an art tour today before I caught up with the activities on the Island.

Above is a view out towards Clodgy from the Island.

After we left the event we went for a little decompression at The Castle and The Western and bumped into friends for a good early evening chat and now we are back home with things to draw and good Spanish crime drama to watch...

Cheers all!