Thursday, 28 July 2016

New and recent...... Art Lovers

Above is a drawing I did today on handmade paper done at The Barnoon Workshop. I love drawing on paper like this because of the way it sucks up the ink. I used Letraset Pro-Markers.

Above is a drawing that was unfinished yesterday and now seems to be finished - I think.

Above is a little reveal of some of my works that will be going into Zoe Eaton & Bobby Wotnot's 'Art Lovers' exhibition that we hang 5pm on Sunday. I will report in on it when we have got the show up.

I am trying to find the time to read more of Grayson Perry's Playing To The Gallery but fitting it in with workshop's, drawing and the family we have down at the moment. I think I am making a chapter a day.

Today I have found how to put a 'follow' button on my blog so feel free to follow. I have been very pleased so far to the response to my daily blog, it is good for ordering my thoughts and showing what I get up to on a daily basis.

Below are a few works from the recent-ish past for your eyes.

Cheers all :)

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