Friday, 15 July 2016

New drawings again and work in progress.

Above is a new drawing I completed last night using gel pens on a piece of vegetable crate. I have been getting into the use of lines again, happy with the subtlety of this one.

Above is another new one in the 'Graham's Conifer Series a nice bright one as well, four of these went off to St Ives Framers today, Dean always seems to give them a good looking over. I think he likes them, they must be a change to his normal framing duties.

Above are two new sea pottery pieces I also finished last night they will contribute to my new art drop which will be next week sometime or maybe even on Sunday.

This morning I went upto Barnoon workshop to clear up and then spent an hour or so drawing some more lines on this biggy. It is coming on but at quite a slow pace, I am sure it will look pretty good when it is finished. A simple idea that takes a long time. I do finding rather relaxing to do these bigger drawings and love drawing on the Fabriano Artistico 300g Rough paper. I am also hoping that this will be finished for the exhibition I am doing with my wife Zoe Eaton in August. Zoe came up with another title for the show today to add to the one she came up with recently. The first was 'The Universe In A Snowflake' and the new one 'Art Lovers' both work for me.

This afternoon was spent shopping and getting ready for the arrival of my step daughter for a few weeks, both of us are really looking forward to seeing her again. I also delivered a guitar lesson at the Workshop this afternoon, After blogging I have some photo editing to do then we will pop out for a bit after our guests arrive.

This is what happens when you live in such a beautiful place, we have a fair run of visitors over the next 6 weeks or so.


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