Saturday, 9 July 2016

More small works or proposals for bigger ones

After showing small works yesterday my evening drawing time was taken up with doing a whole load of small works. I have not decided what they are for, it might be a new art box it might not. Still I spent quite a lot of my evening thinking of new aspects to each small work which is good for my brain. So by following the strand of each drawing you can follow each move I made to the next drawing. So I started above with a letraset pro marker grid and added a few dots.

Above number two of the evening moved onto a circle theme letraset and then metallic gel dots.

So after that straight lines with white dots.

Lines circles dots.

A square and two different size dots.

Dots, wedge nib of the letraset pro markers and the two sizes of black dots.

A grid with two different colour dots in two colours.

Dots on dots in a circle mode.

Sort of circles making an irregular shape.

Kind of a grid with with a grid of dots.

A grid of circles.

Letraset and sharpie metallic becomes a circle in a square.

A circle of dots with more dots.

A metallic square with a letraset and uni pin pattern.

Above is is the whole grouping of last nights work, each one could be a proposal for a much larger work. I do like working in different scales and some of the little ones come across as cute.

I am wondering where this evenings drawings will take me. I have no idea.

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