Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Slate, Wood etc.....

Above is a double dotted wood drawing another one in the conifer series. I am really liking the simplicity of this one, a kind of complicated minimalism.

Here is my new slate drawing, probably finished but I am not sure it has the impact of some of my previous slates.

Today has been a non drawing day so far but I am sure there will be some tonight. I have been a tour guide today taking a family around some of the Alfred Wallis sites in town and letting them do some sketching. After the tour I took them back up to Barnoon Workshop to paint like Alfred. I was unable to join Zoe Eaton who delivered the painting bit as I had a guitar lesson to give and picked up some bare wood frames from St Ives Framers so we can have more paper making frames for Thursdays workshop.

Since then I have had a nice pint of 'Surfbum' in the Rum and Crab Shack on the wharf had dinner and collected some beach finds.

Here is a selection of our finds, plenty of 'sea glass and sea pottery'. Some of the pottery will go towards my next art drop and the rest and the sea glass will be sorted for a future Beach Find Mosaics session at Barnoon Workshop. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

A short blog tonight.....

Cheers !

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