Sunday, 17 July 2016

New drawings, work in progress and sea mist.

Above and below are two small scale drawings I did last night they are leading me on to the thought that I could do a big drawing made of smaller drawings a bit like an old fashioned 'sampler' but of my work rather than needle work.

Above is a large scale drawing I have embarked on with a very small nib 0.1mm. I did an hour on it today and it progressed by about an inch, It is going to take quite a few more sittings and I have under 2 weeks if it is going to make the exhibition. Below is a close up shot so you can see it better.

Above and below are shots of this afternoons sea mist coming in, when it finally covered the town the temperature dropped by about five degrees, mind you still a glorious day.

After drawing I also made some more small drawing boards as it looks like tomorrow's 'Drop In And Draw' at Barnoon Workshop will be and outdoor session so we needed more drawing boards. If you would like to join us tomorrow check our website Off to do more drawing.


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