Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Work continues

Above is a piece I finished off last night on wood and the two pictures below are  the first in my new series 'Art Box'. These will be small boxes that will contain small art works.

Above is what might be found in an art box, small drawings on different media or just one.

Above is a drawing that I showed unfinished in yesterdays blog. It took just over an hour to add the final dots on dots today. I hope to frame it very soon, maybe tomorrow if I get time.

Above is a small detail of a large drawing I started this afternoon whilst working at The Barnoon Workshop. I will reveal more as and when I add to it this should be over the next few days as I have to have it ready to go for our exhibition in August at CafeArt in St Ives. Zoe Eaton my wife and co exhibiter has a title for the show 'The Universe In A Snow Drop', I think it does some up the work we do and the connection between us.

Today I also picked up my found pallet from Mr Trim (Andrew) who had stored it for me. I have removed all the offending bits from it and we are now thinking of turning it into a table.

This evening I delivered a guitar workshop at Barnoon and am now home writing this. I have been hearing people all around town talking about The Chilcott Report which finally has been published. It seem to show us exactly what most normal thinking people have thought for years Tony Blair has caused a lot of problems for this world by his decision to go to war, and from what I have heard on the radio is still in denial that he and Bush actually caused us all a big headache and great sadness for all who were killed in this sad avoidable conflict.

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