Thursday, 21 July 2016

New stuff and art drop.

Above are all the line drawings I did last night in my sketchbook that I started in April, I am now over half way through. Even though it is my sketchbook I still treat every drawing as a 'work' and indeed the whole book as one too.

Above is a small art drop I did today. I left them outside the workshop and after we had finished our 'Paint a Mini Masterpiece' session they had been found and taken, which was nice.

Other news is it looks like my 'Double Chill' book has been accepted to an Art Book Coffee Shop in Dalston called The Exchange. I have a bio to send off and some pictures.

This evening has been very nice and old friend and fellow artist came over to visit, my wife Zoe Eaton used to share studio's in Milton Keynes over 6 years ago, so we all met up in town which was also nice.  So therefore my blog is a bit late and a bit brief. Fuller blog tomorrow.

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