Monday, 18 July 2016

More wood and small drawings.

Above is a new drawing in my 'Graham's Conifer Series' it probably takes about an hour to do these.

Above and below are two new ones in my small drawings series, I am Happy with both.

 To the left is a small drawing I did this morning at Man's Head.

                                           Here is another.............

Above is our drawing group for this mornings 'Drop in and Draw' +Barnoon Workshop and what a beautiful day for being outside with the temperature soaring towards the high 20's plus the added benefit of us all drawing outside is that we had two really good dolphin sightings.

We then had lunch with my wife Zoe down on the beach and nearly got sunburned in no time at all. Zoe then went back up to Barnoon and did a watercolour session for six. I then went into town and bumped into Carl and Kate from St Ives BID so I took a pic of them with the new map on Royal Square.

They are a really nice team and working hard for this town of ours. Good luck for the next two years.

Well I have more drawing to do later, bye until tomorrow.

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