Friday, 8 July 2016

small works

Above is a small ish triptych it is executed on three small bits of marine ply, I am just wondering how to frame them now.

Above is another small scale drawn on a chunk of quartz I found the other day on Porthmeor beach and one of it's flat sides was just begging for dots. Below is an alternative view.

Above is a single piece of sea pottery that I did a small drawing on. I think doing these small drawings is a nice antidote to the larger scale drawings.

Above and below are to small drawings that I put in Art Box Number 1 the are about an inch and a half square.

Maybe finding these red spider mite's on the wall near the workshop influences me, who knows but probably.

The rest of my day has been taken up with framing a drawing for The Uys Gallery, delivering leaflets for our workshop events throughout the summer a quick drive to The Tinners Arms at Zennor a quick shop then home.

Today my wife Zoe held a Beach Find Mosaics workshop at Barnoon and produced this lovely mosaic heart whilst teaching.

I am really in the mood for making another lot of small drawings although I started a slightly larger small drawing which I intend to get finished first.

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