Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Another day, new work and stuff..

I have been getting into doing line drawings again as I am doing a big one with a little pen, so I thought, do one with a thicker pen. So above is the drawing and below is the 'bleeding narrative version.

I do love the way the ink bleeds through the paper. I think I must do a whole series just for this result.

Above is a drawing that has now been finished after 3 sessions.

St Ives Bay In The Morning.

A top holiday provider.

Heading down to the coast path


Classic view into St Ives Harbour

I have had a varied day first opening up at the workshop, sourcing lavender oil for a soap workshop and the afternoon candle making workshop below are a few examples of the candles made today, three sand-casted ones and one in a large mussel shell. I also had to deliver some of our summer leaflets for Carbis Bay Holidays. It was nice to see Jess's enthusiasm for what we had on offer and she is going to get our leaflets into everyone of her properties. After that I walked back into town on the coastal path so I took some pictures for you to see.


Tomorrow at Barnoon Workshop we have a 'Paint a Mini Masterpiece' in the afternoon, should be fun.

Cheers all, more drawing to do.

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