Tuesday, 19 July 2016

New and work in progress.

Above is another one in my conifer cuts series.

Above is a little art drop I did near the workshop today.

Above is a work in progress from my sketchbook, think I will finish it in some way later.

Here is the way I walked to work today, it was just before ten this morning and really really hot.

Today we had a 'make and take' at the workshop, we had quite a lot of people through in the morning but the weather beat us this afternoon. After delivering a guitar lesson we went off for dinner and a little drink at The Pedn Over on the roof until there was a swarm of flying ants, so we went back up the hill.

I have been so disappointed with the arts coverage on the BBC at the moment but last night they did start the re run of 'The History of Art in Three Colours'. Last night was gold and it was really quite interest. This aside I need new art programs please.

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