Saturday, 16 July 2016

One new wood drawing etc.

Above is another in my continuing 'Graham's Conifer Series', Sharpie marker, Letraset Pro Marker, gel pens and uni-pin pen.

Above is a piece of temporary art left on Porthmeor Beach, I was just fiddling and ideas pop out.

This afternoon we hosted a Fimo Birthday Party at Barnoon Workshop and after it had finished and we had cleaned up we went to meet our sign maker Will and my step daughter on the beach for a nice relax in the sun on Porthmeor. It was a nice end to work and we also saw dolphins and watched the tide go out. Then off to share pizza at West Beach Bakery.

Here is a pic of Will the sign maker from Artbox being amazed by one of the little doors on our walk back home from the beach. It is good to have visitors as you tend to end up on the beach more.

I am not sure what drawing I shall do tonight but it will be reported in tomorrows blog. I will also be hoping to start sorting out which of my works I will be putting in our 'Art Lovers' Exhibition.

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