Monday, 4 July 2016

Possibly two new big ones finished and more....

Above is a new larger scale drawing made up of marker from Letraset pro markers apparently there are 14,005 marks on this one drawing. I am very happy with it.

Above is the other large scale drawing that i finished today.

Above is a small gouache I painted probably 12 years ago and below is another one done in the same session. I am still very happy with them, they might look good framed.

Above is a painting my wife Zoe Eaton finished today and I love it....

A little view from the end of lunch time showing the view from Porthmeor.

Well today was spent drawing portraits in the morning, lunch then we spent all the afternoon doing our own work apart from me have a little walk down town and found out while I was down there I had sold another work. I would show a picture of it but I can't find it, anyway it was one of my rock drawings.

The I popped into the Barbara Hepworth Museum to see Jordan Jackson who was manning the desk very competently, he has such a way with the customers and a great photographer too. Below is a pic he took a while ago of me working.

Bobby Wotnot by Jordan Laurence Jackson

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