Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Wood, wood, paper and pens

Above is a bit of wood that I cut off a shelf so it fitted I might add to it later, I might not.

Above is a drawing done on a slice of conifer I am having some of them framed by Dean at St Ives Framers St Andrews Street. I hope to have news of the ones I popped in the other day I will take pics and share when I have them.

Above is another drawing I have been working on. I went off this morning to the workshop to maybe do a tour but no one showed so out came my drawing and I added more dots for an hour. Then went home did a few things including lunch then off we went to Penzance to get more canvases for Zoe my wife and for the workshop and also bought two new pens, looking forward to using them on something later.

My day has also included going to a BID meeting and letting them know how the arts festival idea is going, basically slowly but a core group is coming into being. Since the I have cooked and eaten and blogged. More dots to follow......

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