Saturday, 2 July 2016

My day in the Uys Gallery, Jamie Barber, Leo Walker

Here above is a drawing I did last night whilst watching Dicte and also the one below is the bleeding narrative reverse. I am still trying to be more minimal with varying success.

Above and below are the first two drawings I completed in The Uys Gallery today.

Above and below are the next set I did today. Bit of a contrast to each other.

Below is the last one I completed today, so the book isn't quite finished but it is very close.

Above is the view I had whilst drawing at the Uys Gallery today. I opened at just a tad after 10:00 got my coffee on and within 5 minutes our friend Valerie Hurry popped in. She was loving my wife's Zoe Eaton's paintings and we spent some time chewing the fat over the events of the last week or so, what turmoil has been created. we now have protest marches all over the Country, well that went well last week then.

The next visitor I knew came in mid afternoon was Leo Walker, son of late artist Roy Walker. Leo had forgotten to bring his camera for once so decided to take pics of me doing my drawing in the gallery. After the photo call we also had a good chat about recent events including all the marches not being reported in this country in France, makes our huge demonstration in London look a little small which it actually isn't. Leo is up to many little project this summer a moveable gallery is on and also sorting out a photographic business with his wife Larrisa find them on facebook as Lightwaves.

Below is the last friend visit of the day, artist Jamie Barber. He was head of putting together the Mark Dion installation in Porthmeor Studio's. Jamie's work is highly conceptual and very interesting. We worked briefly together the other year whilst doing a sound collage of a box he had buried for 15 years, something we must finish and at least get a sound file out of it each for use.
It was nice to see Jamie it has been too long.

The rest of my day was spent drawing and engaging with the customers that came in so the day went by quite quickly. I closed when the last lookers had left at about 17:15.

Thinking about how to finish off the book tonight and actually wondering what will be on the news tonight. I also sadly found out that Caroline Aherne has died, such a talented comedy writer and performer and ex wife of Peter Hook ex of New Order.

Good Evening all.

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