Sunday, 24 July 2016

New works, new Jordan Jackson pix of my Work, Colin Birchall, 'art drop' and more.

Above is another in my 'Graham's Conifer' series, done with Letraset Pro-markers, uni-pin and white gel pen. I am very happy with this one but it won't get in my exhibition because I have already got eight framed.

Above is a small 'art drop' I did today near Barnoon Terrace, I wonder who will find them.

Today I went for a walk around town with my son and via the Moonmaid Ice Cream shop we then went up to see the Final Works exhibition of works by the late Colin Birchall. Colin was a real character around St Ives and did some lovely work. I was very proud to have him as a friend, unfortunately Colin passed away in January 2014 and I certainly miss him still. 
Above is a picture of Matthew and Jenny Birchall, son and ex wife, they are also nice people and Jenny is an artist too and exhibits in The New Craftsman Gallery, Fore Street St Ives.
I was so pleased I popped in to see Colin's work and remember a few of them from the shows that we put on in CafeArt a few years back. It all brought back many memories and emotions, Thanks for the conversations and the art Colin.

Below are all the photos that Jordan Jackson took for me on friday evening. I think you will all agree that they are better than the ones I take on my phone.

Above is the front cover of my book Double Chill that hopefully will be off to Dalston soon. The cover is made from fused plastic carrier bags and fun to make.

Above and below are a few pages of drawings from inside the book. I am very happy with the contents of the book and I am pleased with the narrative throughout the work.

The page above left had a good quote when Jordan saw it for the first time, he said 'Oh my god I have been Riley'd' I am happy with that...

Above is the inside cover and first drawing including a pen diary and some musings.

Above is the whole cover to the book and explains why it is double chill.

Jordan then went on to take a few more pictures for the archive from my latest 'sketchbook. I think the above drawing has come out very well.

Above is a more recent one from my sketchbook and below is a slightly earlier one.

Above is another earlier drawing from the same book, I think it zings nicely.

Above is a photo that Jordan took friday night that I hadn't seen before, his own assemblage of my 'Graham's Conifer's'. I like what he has done with them.

Above is another Jordan from Friday's session this one is A1 size and has a working title and a nod to Alban so in my head it is called St Ives TV Go take a look at Alban's videos you get a much better sense of some of the things that happen in this town.

Above is another A1 size drawing that might well make mine and Zoe Eaton's exhibition that we have to put up next Sunday. Blimey just a week to decide the content and to finish off any last minute stragglers.

Talking of last minute stragglers above and below is the next A1 size I am working on but I don't think I have a enough hours in the day to finish. Below shows a detail of some 8 to 10 hours work that I have done so far. It grows very slowly but it is starting to have a sense of what it will look like when completed.

Above is a quick shot across the bay earlier today a bit cloudy but really bright and nicely warm....

Also a quick stats update for those who are interested and I know some of you are.... I also have to say on the stats are 'Hello Russia'.

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Cheers all.

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