Sunday, 3 July 2016

Drawing at Barnoon Workshop, hours of it.

Above and below are the inside front and back pages of my now probably finished book 'Double Chill' a bit of raw art done in a week and up for sale soon, any offers?

Above is the last drawing in my now finished new book.

Here is a quick shot of my new large scale drawing nearly completed, the drawing was started some 8 years ago and was just the blue lines. A while back I took my portfolio to Melanie at The Uys Gallery and I didn't even being still in there she saw it amongst the other drawing I had and she said, 'what are you going to with that then?' We answered the question almost together saying 'put some dots on it' so I started a while ago but had a good two hours on it today as I drew and my wife Zoe Eaton painted up at The Barnoon Workshop. I am not sure it is quite finished but you get the idea.

Above is the new large scale drawing I started this afternoon this is between two and three hours in and I am liking it so far in fact can't wait to finish it I will hopefully get these two large scale pics finished this week.

It has been a lovely weekend drawing, pushing the world away for a while......
I think it will be a big week in politics in this country but I do really wonder what will happen especially after The Chilcot report on Wednesday.

See ya!

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