Monday, 11 July 2016

Tag Drawing, New work etc

Last night myself and my wife Zoe Eaton did something we had being saying we would do for ages and above is the first 'Tag Drawing' we have done in years, the closest we have got is when I remixed one of Zoe's drawings last December.

Above is the next tag we did last night, the idea is that one of us starts one and then the other adds to it if they think fit and then pass it back, somewhere in all the the back and forth we decide it is finished.

The story of our tag drawing is when on holiday many years ago we were sitting in a tent at Zennor and to amuse ourselves we started passing a drawing back and forth. It was just play but fun and interesting how our two styles mingled. We always vowed we would do more and even make a whole show one day in this manner. Well we still haven't got that far but we are considering putting some in our summer exhibition at CafeArt. These were so enjoyable last night and were done with easy accord between us.

Above is a drawing I also finished last night it has been on the back burner for a few days having the odd bit added to it. Got it finished last night and I am happy with it.

Today has been an interesting day with a Drop in and Draw workshop this morning it was busy and fun working with collage and drawing on them too.
We had a quick lunch and then I picked up fruit for the watercolour class this afternoon at Barnoon Workshop. I also picked up my newly framed works from Dean Wilkinson at St Ives Framers. He has done a good job. I would show you but they still have cling film protection. I am very happy with what he has done for me. On the way back to the workshop I took this fair weather pic before it changed and then changed again, warm but with plenty of showers.

I also received an email from The Exchange Dalston Coffee Shop and Art Book Store say that I could submit by book Double Chill for them to add if the choose in August, will find out by Friday. It seems interesting as the book will be on the shelves so people can just read it or actually purchase it, of course that means it may become a well thumbed feature on the shelves or who knows someone might even snap it up. It's future will be out of my hands and that is a part of my practice with the small art drops `I do and even one or two other pieces that are around town subtly placed.

I am now thinking that we should get on with a few more tag drawings this evening and maybe also ought to do some more on my slate drawing additions.


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