Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Sketchbook, shell art, art on the BBC and Grayson Perry.

Above is one of of the drawings I did last night in my sketchbook.

Above and below trying to be more minimal again...

Above and below is a limpet shell I have drawn on inside and out, it will probably be used on an art drop later this week, so keep a look out if you are in St Ives.

There was art on the BBC last night, don't be too shocked it was a repeat of A History of Art In Three Colours, this week it was blue and it featured all sorts of art after Lapis had come to the western world and how it set western art alight. I was fascinated by the part that was about Yves Klein and his 'International Blue'.

I have started to read my birthday book 'Playing To The Gallery' by Grayson Perry and already I am agreeing with the reviews on the back cover, 'A Joy' and Lynn Barber's 'I have never read such a stimulating short guide to art'. It seems very insightful and witty to and just what I need to be reading as my quest for getting my art more out there. Under a week now until mine and Zoe Eaton's exhibition 'Art Lovers' opens at CafeArt in St Ives.

I also did an art tour of St Ives today and had my first monk on the tour a thoroughly engaging chap with his own art focus. We also did a successful 'make and take' at the Barnoon Workshop www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

After the workshop we nipped over to Penzance for some art surplies.

Blog blogged and now dinner to make, then more drawing......

Cheers all!

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