Sunday, 10 July 2016

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Above is a slate drawing I had forgotten about. I thought it was finished but I am now thinking of adding another layer of dots. If you have read my blogs or looked at my work you might know this as one of my traits. I honestly do have a minimal streak but it often gets hijacked by a sense I haven't finished it yet so I will find out when i start drawing later.

Above is a drawing that I have now done 3 sessions on it seems to growing very slowly, less than an inch an hour but I am starting to really like what is going on.
I am using a very small nibbed uni-pin pen 0.1 so it is bound to take time and also I cannot find a comfortable position to work on in it so I have to stand and crouch over, who said drawing can't be physical. In many ways I cannot wait for it to be finished but having said that it is also nice just to be in the drawing listening to the radio, the last session was soundtracked by Tom Robinson's Now Playing +6Music

Above is a drawing I completed earlier last week and is now up for sale, framed at a very reasonable price £200 at The Uys Gallery Tregenna Hill St Ives.

Today after a slight lie in, we went for breakfast at Frankie's Dinner St Erth for 2 mini veggie breakfast a bit of a morale boost it was and then off leafletting on the North Coast, then back to Bookers' in Hayle for paper cups for the workshop and some cider, another morale booster. Also had battery trouble when getting petrol so once restarted we went for a quick windy trip to the south coast, loads of Kite Surfers at Marazion and it looked pretty thrilling conditions to boot.
Once back home I did drawing whilst my wife Zoe Eaton went up to Barnoon Workshop to prepare for tomorrow's Drop in and Draw' and to get some painting done.

I am still aghast at how this countries political parties are determined to try and go with anything sensible. It is like they see any sensible responsible to do they just run away.

Cheers Bobby x

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