Sunday, 31 July 2016

Exhibition Time.... 'Art Lovers' by Zoe Eaton & Bobby Wotnot and Torsten Lauschmann etc

Above is a small drawing I did yesterday......

Today was a more relaxed day than yesterday, no hospital visits etc...... I went out with my son to get a few things to help hang our exhibition. We bought some screw in eyes and some bulldog clips. Then went for a wander around town.

Here is a shot just a few seconds before three lots of balanced rocks fell on Lambeth Beach aqnd the St Ives rock balancer stood up to ponder and then go again.....

After that we picked up a Moomaid Ice Cream each and then went off to experience the Torsten Lauschmann installation 'After Images' at Porthmeor Studio 5. It is great fun and you get a UV torch so you can play see the next few photos below.

After a game of 'left handed' bowls, due to evening the playing field because of my son's broken hand I returned home to pick up lots of the art work for our/mine and Zoe Eaton's exhibition at CafeArt.

Above are some of my 'Graham's Conifer Series' all framed up ready to hang.

Ego time... here is me with my work on the wall and a lovely Zoe Eaton on the right.

Above is a close up of one of my pieces in the exhibition....

Above are two of my wife's paintings in our joint exhibition 'Art Lovers' and I love them dearly. I am so looking forward to the public seeing our work all through August. Theses last two photos were taken by Jordan Jackson.

I will put up more of our work over the next few days just to keep everything up to date...


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