Thursday, 30 June 2016

New book drawings and today.....

Above is a new page from my book, I thought it would be right to show the book in a bit of a context rather than just showing the drawing.

Above is the added to bleeding narrative of the top drawing on the reverse page, so I am now over halfway through 'Double Chill'. I am spending Saturday in The Uys Gallery Tregenna Hill and aim to have to book finished and ready for sale sometime that day.

After looking at these two new drawings I am now wondering what I will draw tonight.

Today I have spent time putting a second coat of gloss on our window frames at the Barnoon Workshop. Visited the gallery, spent time with Carl and Kate from BID bought some thermalite blocks and some wood for a shelf. I have also delivered a guitar lesson.

I have also been keeping up with the news on how all the political high-jinks have been going and as far as I can see Boris Johnson has made a fool of himself and so has Angela Eagle. It seems we might be heading into a big change in politics in the country, from my perspective it looks like the old guard are starting to crumble.

Above is a drawing on wood I did a couple of years or so ago.

Above is one of my early bleeding narrative drawings.

Off to draw soon and find out what else has happened in this mad world. Cheers!

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