Thursday, 23 June 2016

More BN work all new and the EU.

Above is the first drawing I did last night already planned as a 'bleeding narrative' one, but spent at least ten minutes just looking at which pen to start with and the blank page. When finished I turned over and finished the reverse below.

Above and 3 below are the results of red letraset pro marker and the blender pen and here are the results. I love this kind of experiment and also the results.

Above and below the final BN drawings from last night, grids and dots and more pro marker action.

Today has been a mixed day, I have painted more coats on what will become our new signs and I have voted to stay in the EU, better to be in than and be part of something bigger than be out alone, I also think as I live in Cornwall a county that receives EU funding because we are a very poor one.

I do wonder what will happen when the result is in, what will happen to the Conservative Party and David Cameron I think next week will be an interesting one in politics in this so called nation of ours.

Well I now have to think about what art will be done this coming evening. I have more wood and plenty of sketchbook space and larger projects to further.

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