Monday, 6 June 2016

New Drawing, Drop in and Draw, Art Drop and new drinking spot.

Above is a new drawing that I finished last night, looking at it for the first time since I completed it, it is making me think of Paul Klee or even Matisse and I don't mean in style but maybe some of the shapes. It is funny from what you have seen and like in the past comes out even when you are not thinking.

Above a drop in and draw moment, Still Life with Tools from this morning.

The view at lunch time, we are lucky living here.

After running around town post lunch and taking in our deliveries more paper etc I went back up to Barnoon and did this little art drop. I wonder if they have been found yet.

At the end of the day we packed up the workshop and went for a wander around town and found the new drinking spot The Pilchard Press Alehouse. It is a natty little space with some lovely craft beers and a good vibe, it is looking like a little hidden gem already well done to Nick I really hope it works out well.

The inside of the new drinking hole, unfortunately having made my art drop earlier I had no sea pottery to leave as a little art drop. Oh well next time, I am sure there will be another.

It has been a lovely day full of hope and thinking about what we need for Barnoon Workshop next and also plenty of my own art thoughts too. Still got drawing to do soon and more planning.

Tomorrow I start my Tour and Draw art tour it starts art The Barnoon Workshop in the morning at 11am, 90mins for a fiver, let us see who turns up.


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