Friday, 10 June 2016

More new stuff and the day.

Above is the second draft of a work I started the day before and have now finished. I thought it wasn't finished so I added a few thousand more dots, nearly always sorts it out to my satisfaction.

Above is a few little sea pottery drawings I did last night for a future art drop.

Just as I was starting to write this I had a phone call from April at The St Ives Society of Artists, saying could I get a new mount for the other big drawing in the show there as the mount to 'Fizzy' was cut a bit tight for the drawing, somebody wants to buy it. I said back that maybe we could knock £20 off it so they could get a new mount cut, alternatively I will pop in first thing and see if I could get a new one cut for them before they leave to go home tomorrow. So I will be there at 10am with my fingers crossed that this sale goes through. If it has I have to do some new drawings to replace the first two

This afternoon no art was done but I did saw up some log bits to draw on from a bit of tree Graham from our drop in and draw workshop donated. I am thinking that I should draw on one of the slices and give him it for his donation. After that our delivery of two 9mm sheets of MDF arrived and so I have now cut some new drawing boards some our normal bigger than A2 size and some that can be carried for 'walk and draws'. Also I cut some pieces to be made up into new signs for the Barnoon Workshop

My mind is now full of muddled thought about doing new drawings to fit in the frames I have, I had better make sure they fit in the mounts properly, note to self about always presenting my art at it's best.
I have to decide what paper to draw on and the get it cut to size. Well I am off to measure and work out my dilemmas and get ready to draw.

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