Thursday, 16 June 2016

Trying to be more minimal - Book

Above are all the drawings I did last night in the first book I have ever made from scratch. I have a title for the book too, it is called 'Trying to be more minimal'. It is going to be on sale as soon as I have finished it. I showed it as a work in progress to Melanie of The Uys Gallery St Ives. She seemed very impressed and happy to have it in the gallery when it is finished.

Today I opened up Barnoon Workshop for Erin Lacey to do her 'Prints, Patterns and Repeats', she ran the workshop for the day and then I did a guitar lesson and then home to write this.

I also managed to fit in the 2nd half of the England v Wales in European Championship game. I must admit it kept me on the edge of my seat and fortunately for me England actually won 2 - 1. I am satisfied.

Later I have more drawing planned trying to finish off my book art.


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