Tuesday, 7 June 2016

New drawings again.... art drops, Ann Kelly's private view and more.

Above a couple of experiments on coloured cardboard, I had a little thought as I often do that I could do a little series of these 'carboardios' and frame each odd pair....

File under : continuos art ideas....

Above is another drawing from last night that I think might be finished.

Above are three small art drops I did this afternoon, looks like I have a nice ant shadow on the bottom right one just above.
Really pleased with the look of all of these.

After finishing these art drops, we then wandered off towards Porthmeor studios to go and see Ann Kelley's opening in the Borlase Smart room. We bumped into Mark from the Tate, 'which was nice'. I had previously seen half the pictures before at the exhibition at Scarlet Wines, Lelant. With the addition of more work, pictures of some of the great artists that have worked in and around this town the concept was changed and realised. Pictures that struck a chord with me most were a portrait of Sir Terry Frost with his son Anthony and Anthony looking like the man I used to bump into at gigs at Damelza's/Winter Gardens in Penzance all those years ago.

We had agreed to meet up with our friends Tree and Ally from the Emerald Dawn, Tree also does trapeze workshops at The Island Centre so we had a wander around and this is what the bay looked like then, a lovely evening. We then tottered of for a couple of pints with them in The Castle.
Nice day, nice night.

More dots to be done before sleep.


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