Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Work continues.... Tours and other stuff.

Above is a drawing I completed last night, as I filled in the black dots the shape started to remind me of a Matisse like shape but for my wife it reminded her of Keith Haring. I know not what others will see in it. If you want to let me know.

Above is the drawing I started last night and will certainly finish tonight so finally a line, dot and grid drawing all in one. I am liking this one a lot and I might try and make a series out of this if I don't wander off and do different ones.

I had an interesting start to my day today. I was a tour guide doing an art walk around town. I had a lovely time showing the group some of the art sites that this town, St Ives has on offer and offering some context to this art colony that we live in. The ladies today were lovely and I think they got a good insight into this town's relationship with the art world. It is a fascinating story and too much to tell in a 90 minute walk but hopefully I whetted their appetites. I am going to be doing these tours every Tuesday for the the rest of the summer and maybe more if there is demand.

This afternoon I had a good guitar lesson with a B&B owner, then popped back into town caught up with Carl and Kate from BID and brought them up to speed with the arts festival meetings that we have had and we have one tomorrow at Porthmeor Studios.

Last night I managed to complete my entry to The Exeter Contemporary Open Exhibition now a nerve wracking month wait to see if I get in or not. I have entered 4 drawings.

I need to get on with more large scale drawings for other art prizes in the future, there are not enough hours in the day to do all of what I envisage if I could work 10 hours a day at it but I do have to work and at least helping to run The Barnoon Workshop is fun and art/craft based.

Above and below are two drawings from my grid series book.

Above is a drawing that I did probably 4 years ago that I have never shown before that I have just found and photographed. It rather caught my eye and is another strand of my work I should do more of.

Well I am off to eat and get more drawing done........

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