Monday, 13 June 2016

Field trip: Drawing:

Above seven small drawings become one. This was a nice experiment in scale and the almost curating them into one arrangement.

I started another drawing last night but as yet unfinished so will have to show you tomorrow. I am working on some ideas for framing as I have a little project money at the moment. It is good to get stuff framed when you have a little cash as it soon dwindles.

Above is one of my weekly drawings done at the 'drop in and draw field trip' with The Barnoon Workshop at Hawkes Point below is the real window. The idea of the field trip was to take up the offer of going over to Ann Kelly's to draw the flora and fauna but heavy drizzle put pay to being outside so we stayed in.

Thanks Ann :)

The rest of the day was then filled with getting supplies for the workshop and us and pondering my entry for Exeter which I seem to have got nervous about. I am sure I will get over it.

I have been deeply in my head today with many different thoughts towards what drawing I produce next as I have an exhibition in August with my wife Zoe Eaton @CafeArt and what future work to pass on to Melanie at The Uys Gallery St Ives.

Recently I have drawing on lots of different materials but I am loving drawing on my 300 gsm Fabriano Artistico. It feels nice and it takes the ink well.

Above is a small monochrome drawing done on some handmade paper. It is a pure and simple form that I quite like to do from time to time, living circles.

I am looking to forward to tonights drawing, finishing one off and starting more.

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